Collection Removal

Collection Removal

It's important to know that negative information on your credit history can stay there for seven and a half years. These details will be publically available even if you make regular payments or do not have any outstanding debts with the original creditor.

We have the best collection team for handling your debt and helping you get it erased from your credit report. We work with experts who understand how to process this type of request, so that when we're done, no one will know about what happened.

Getting a mortgage or auto loan is one of these, and you can harm your credit rating if not done properly. Getting the collection agency to remove an account will be easier said than done if you don't obey their terms during this process too.

To start, you should have your credit reports and scores to understand what is being reported on them. You can find out how it affects your score by checking the report for inaccuracies or outdated information that could affect a high credit rating.

Credit Repair of Philadelphia is a one-stop shop for all your credit needs. Credit repair, letter deletion and goodwill removal are just three things we can help you with in our office.



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