Credit Repair & Restoration

Credit Repair & Restoration

A good credit rating is the ultimate key to success, and you can have it! You just need a few simple things in mind.

Our credit repair services are unlike any other's because they include a personal touch. We have an in-house attorney who writes every single letter for each dispute, and we provide you with full transparency as to what is happening on your account so that there will be no surprises down the road.

We're on your side and we want the best for you! We'll be sure to go through every detail of your credit report, looking at old accounts and making sure everything is in order. If not, don't worry because items that cannot be validated will have to come off according to law.

We know it can be frustrating when something you thought was gone for good comes back to haunt you.

That's why our credit repair attorney process is designed with the goal of making sure any negative item on your report will disappear permanently after we remove it and send off a letter requesting cancellation from all three bureaus in writing.

Fixing your credit might not be a quick fix, but it can have an immediate impact on how banks and other lenders view you.


The time frame for fixing one's credit varies depending on the severity of any mistakes made or misrepresentations in previous applications that were approved by creditors. Factors such as bankruptcy filing history also come into play when determining appropriate plans to meet individual needs. Once we conduct our free consultation with you--which should take no more than 60 minutes from start-to-finish--we will then provide detailed information about exactly what type of plan would work best considering all factors so far mentioned above.

Credit Repair of Philadelphia is here to help improve your credit rating with our customizable packages designed just for people in need.


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