Tax Lien Removal

Tax Lien Removal

When the government can't collect what's owed to them, they'll take your property and hold it as collateral until you come up with a way for them pay back their debt. The IRS will file a federal tax lien on any properties that could be sold or liquidated in order to help cover your outstanding balance.

Tax season is a time of great stress for many people. If you're worried about tax debt, Credit Repair of Philadelphia can help by communicating with the IRS and negotiating an affordable payment plan to get your account current.

Beginning in July, public record data gathered for credit reporting purposes.

Tax liens are a big deal to avoid! These documents must contain your name, address and social security number as well as the frequency of courthouse visits. You should visit at least every 90 days for newly filed public records updates.

We can help and this will go a long way in improving the quality of information that is displayed on reporting databases.



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