Late Payment Removal

Late Payment Removal

When you attend our overdue payment counseling program, not only will your credit report be more accessible but also the rewards and benefits of it.

Why is your credit not what it used to be? Is something you missed paying for that has now become a problem on your report and score simply being overlooked or ignored by the many creditors out there who can't seem to help themselves but look at numbers when they should really be looking into people. We've all had those little slip ups here and there, don’t worry; we are experts in getting things back on track with our extensive knowledge of finance management techniques.

If you're missing payments because life got too busy again then I'm happy to offer my assistance as well.

You can't afford to have a bad credit rating. We help you rebuild your good reputation so that lenders view you as someone who is able and willing to repay debts on time, every time.


Credit Repair of Philadelphia provides all the expertise and abilities necessary to make sure your credit score is up-to-date.

In these cases, a single late payment can have an immediate and significant effect on your credit score. If you don't act quickly then it will stay with you for a long time too.

Your credit score is a representation of your financial faithfulness, so if you are consistently late on payments then we need to talk.

Your credit score is the expression of how financially responsible you have been in past dealings and transactions with creditors; therefore, it's important that this number reflects only good habits such as paying bills promptly. If not managed correctly there can be devastating effects for what lenders see when they look at an application from someone like yourself: namely having their offer rejected or being given unfavorable terms because of poor debt management skills early on. These small points may seem insignificant but one missed payment could cost up to 100-120 point reductions in just 90 days!



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